We All Have Special Needs

This face (and soul) bring me so much joy. ❤️ I remember that when we were looking for a preschool for our beloved girl many years ago, I was nervous going to this one school. It was a wonderful [...]


Christmastime is my favorite.  I love it so, so much.  Though, when I was growing up, my mom insisted that we wait until Thanksgiving was finished before beginning Christmas festivities [...]

Just Roll With It

There was a Winter Family Sing-along at my son’s school this morning, and I did what I always do.  I have this thing where I tend to shed tears almost every time I’m at an event at my kids’ [...]

On Giving and Self-Care

Our 16 Days of Kindness Challenge began on Monday and is making ripples far and wide.  I have heard from people I know all over the country who have been inspired by it and are joining in, with [...]

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