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A Nice Place to Be Caught in Traffic ~ Beacon & Joy

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A Nice Place to Be Caught in Traffic

I was sitting in unexpected traffic yesterday on my way to pick my son up from camp.  I’d already panicked when I realized I was probably going to be late and made plans to have my husband pick up our son and meet me with him, when I turned to look out the car window.  Outside, I saw the above scene: mountains in the distance, beautiful water glinting in the afternoon sun in the foreground, and vegetation surrounding the whole scene.  As I’ve felt so many times as I’ve passed this area, I thought, this is such a beautiful place.  Or, as I took a quick video and posted on my Instagram Story, “A nice place to be caught in traffic.”

It occurred to me that much of life feels like this—like getting caught in traffic you weren’t expecting.  But if you can enjoy the place you’re doing it, it’s an advantage.  If you can enjoy what’s going on, despite the traffic, it’s helpful.  It’s not always easy, and it might require some alternate planning, but finding a way to feel like you’re in “a nice place to be caught in traffic,” makes the traffic more bearable.  

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