Don’t Worry, Peach

The last few days have been the first sunny ones in Northern California in what feels like months, and I am really enjoying the return of the sunshine. I made a video on Instagram the [...]

Dancing in the Car

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the new year is only getting momentum now, a few weeks into it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that the sun has finally returned to California after a [...]

Savoring the good

I’ve been thinking about my intentions for the year, and not writing a mile-long list ofresolutions like I used to in years past. I feel like this is a sign of growth for me, as I think I [...]

Enjoy The View

The first time I drove up one of San Francisco’s vertiginous hills, I was pretty sure my car wasn’t going to make it.  I still remember the street we were driving up when my son, then nearly [...]

We All Have Special Needs

This face (and soul) bring me so much joy. ❤️ I remember that when we were looking for a preschool for our beloved girl many years ago, I was nervous going to this one school. It was a wonderful [...]

Focused on Fun

A few weeks ago, I was in LA and went for a walk along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice.  As I was walking, I looked up and noticed a building that had the word “fun” painted in [...]

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