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Don’t Worry, Peach

The last few days have been the first sunny ones in Northern California in what feels like months, and I am really enjoying the return of the sunshine. I made a video on Instagram the other day talking about how the sun felt like a drug, after being absent for so long, and so many people reached out to agree with me. It looks like the rain will return to my area shortly, so I’m going to really try to live up my time in the sun while I can (and count the days until spring arrives for real)!

I was on Cape Cod last week with my daughter for her Spring Break (where, many days, the weather was actually nicer than it was in California!). One day she was stressing about something, so I pulled out paper and my markers (the only art supplies I had in the house) and made her a little card that said “Don’t worry, Queen.” For some reason, the figure I drew was an acorn with a smile. It made me happy to look at, and I hoped it would have the same effect on my daughter.

I kept making these cards in various configurations (my favorite of which said “Don’t worry, Peach” and had a drawing of a happy peach on it). I put one of the “Don’t worry, Peach” cards in my own wallet, where it has made me smile multiple times since. A few people who came by the house indicated they’d like a “Don’t worry” card too, so I gave a handful away.

When I came home, I started painting similar (but bigger) cards with watercolors, and I love them even more than the original marker-drawn ones. I have made a few sets that I’ll be selling soon. Follow me on Etsy, so you can be alerted when these become available.

Here are a few other things I’m loving right now that I wanted to share with you:

  • a new podcast with my favorite interviewer (Krista Tippett) and my favorite interviewee (Rick Rubin). It is my dream podcast and full of such amazing information and practices for living life as a creative person (which Rubin and I both think we ALL are). 
  • my latest meditation on YouTube.
  • I love these questions for connecting with your partner. I asked my husband a few of them before bed last night, and I think I’m going to make that a before-bed practice. 
  • facial brush (like dry-brushing for your body, but for your face) that leaves me feeling euphoric when I use it before bed. It comes with a diagram of how to use the brush (with directional brush strokes), and something about it leaves me feeling on top of the world. Highly recommend!
  • I heard this song today, and it felt like the perfect sunny Friday mood enhancer: 

I wish you a wonderful weekend of sunshine, creativity, and dancing.