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Savoring the good

I’ve been thinking about my intentions for the year, and not writing a mile-long list of
resolutions like I used to in years past. I feel like this is a sign of growth for me, as I think I used
to buy into the “new year, new you” idea that tends to proliferate in magazines and newspapers
around the start of the new year.

In thinking about my intentions for the year, I decided to come up with one word
to focus on for the year. I decided that my word for the year will be SAVOR. I chose this word, in part,
because 2022 was in many ways one of the best years of my life, and in other ways one of the
hardest years of my life. I attribute that partially to being really open to all that life brings– both
the good and bad– and letting myself really feel it all.

But also, the last few years have been destabillizing with the pandemic and so many
communal and personal changes. And, honestly, life just keeps coming, doesn’t it? There is always something to work on, some worry niggling in the back of my mind (particularly as a
parent, and as a parent whose kids have also had to deal with the effects of the pandemic).

And that’s why I chose the word SAVOR for 2023. Because I expect things will keep
coming. Life will continue to have its challenges, and so when things are good -even just for a
moment- I want to focus on savoring the good. So, yesterday, amid what feels like an unending
stream of rain in California, when I caught a glimpse of sun peeking through the clouds, I
stopped and really appreciated it. I noticed how lovely it felt to see the sun again after so long.
I noticed the effect on my mood to see bright light in the sky again after weeks of grey. I took a
few pictures. I went outside and stood in the light for a few minutes– much longer than I would
have if I weren’t focusing on savoring it while it lasted. I felt a real difference after savoring
those moments of sun, and I felt like I’d really appreciated it while it lasted. This felt like a real
victory to me!